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Rice Syrup are for those who want the added protection of a product, which has been grown free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides and has been supervised from seed to process. Artificial elements are regularly used in commercial agriculture, nowadays, to enhance productivity but in the process they end up damaging the nutritional qualities of food. However, through organic methods both the inherent benefits of crops and the earth surface are well preserved. So food products like Rice Syrups have become the first choice for consumers who strictly maintain a chemical-free diet. We all know sugar is bad for us but with so much sweet and sugar around we have a true dilemma. Rice Syrups are basically low-calorie sweeteners that promise you the same sweetness of a regular sugar but keep you from putting on some unwanted kilos here and there.

These Rice Syrups are also a sigh of relief for some of us who have an irresistible sweet tooth but are constantly fighting with menace of diabetes. Moreover, the organic factor about the Clear Rice Syrups is the other added advantage of these sweetening agents. While preparing Organic Clear Rice Syrups, great care is taken so that neither the rice nor the fermenting procedure includes any kind of synthetic agents, fertilizers and pesticides. This makes the product safe and acceptable for all age group of people. Realising these potentiality and popularity of Organic Clear Rice Syrup, all small and large-scale food stores, nowadays, pile up the sweetener's isle with this product. So, gone are the days when you had to find your way through the markets craze and get hold of one sweetener suitable for you. Now, just pick up one of the bottles of Organic Clear Rice Syrup and mix it in all those special cookies, cakes and pies and beverages abundantly to enjoy a great treat without worrying for your insulin counts. To prepare Organic Clear Rice Syrup, fresh and organically produced rice is cooked in pure filtered water until most of the water is evaporated. The resultant starch-like, heavy liquid is then processed with some enzymes. What remains is a naturally sweet golden syrup that retains the pure whole grain goodness. And these liquids are known as Organic Clear Rice Syrup, a healthful and allergen-free alternative to other sweeteners.

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